Fire License and Solar Power

02 February 2018





M/s Ceebros Boulevard Flat Owners Association

Basement, Ceebros Boulevard, OMR, Chennai-97.

Respected Sirs,

Please refer to my letter dt. 11-01-2018 for which no reply or acknowledgement is given to me. Please be informed that, left with no alternative, I have lodged a police complaint vide ref no.: BAN1807701 on 26-01-2018.

Meanwhile I have received an intimation from you about an EGM to be conducted on 11-02-2018 to discuss about Fire License and Solar Power Project. The following are my observations and comments and I expect them be read out and brought to the notice of participants.

  1. A circular or notice or intimation sent on behalf of association should have the name and designation of officer bearer. It is missing, making it, an anonymous communication.
  2. Along with intimation, you obtain signature in blank separate sheets with no information at top or bottom. Such list of signatures can be misused for any purpose including as if everyone had consented for any dubious acts.
  3. Obtaining fire license being mandatory, whatever decision taken in that regard, I support.
  4. Solar power project. I object to any form of expenses for this project unless corrective measures are taken in account maintenance, association management, legal compliance that are detailed in my letter dt.11-01-2018 for which no reply or acknowledgement given.
  5. In the EGM conducted on 11-01-2016, to answer corruption charges levelled by me, I was heckled, threatened, and not allowed to take minutes by people who refused to identify themselves. Entire proceedings were video recorded, and a copy of recording was not given to me, though I offered to pay the cost. I was afraid and did not use common facilities for a long time. Presently I am not well and walking with walker frame support. I have reason to fear that I may be attacked that may result in grievous injury. Hence, I will not attend this meeting.
  6. Though I will not be attending the meeting, I have made my views known, in writing, by this letter. I expect it to be included in the minutes without fail and copy sent to me.

But for the reservations and comments made above, I assure everybody of my sincere cooperation and friendly helps wherever and whenever required.

Yours truly,

Elephant in the Room

‘Elephant in the Room’ – For people, not used to this idiom – There is an elephant in the room. Full size and real. Occupying he entire room. Very little space for others to move around. However, everyone in that room is behaving as if, there is no elephant. They adjust within available space. They move around with great difficulty. When they come out of the room, they tell others, ‘there is no elephant! All normal’.

Same way. Corruption is omnipresent in many gated community owners association. But everyone behave as if, there is no corruption. Everything is normal. Now, to hide the elephant, they have placed a huge curtain covering the door and windows. These curtains are decorated with wordings, ‘Green Initiative, Big Initiative, Save the planet from land fill, Garbage Segregation, or you will be punished, Show the condoms of male and sanitary napkins of female to a common person before disposing…’ – … Disgusting nonsense… !

Sustainable segregated waste management at Boulevard

We have always known that, Sustainable segregated waste management at Boulevard towards our goal of zero contribution to landfill will be a long journey and it will require patience, investment on the association part and planned to take everyone along in this journey over the course of three or so years. Let’s not take hasty decisions that take convenience away from people, it will only make matters worse and will not help us in reaching our goal anytime sooner.
I am reachable at apartment 825 if I can be of help to clarify the points I have made above.
Many thanks
-R*** K***r (apartment 8**)
Such a wonderful thought about waste management, why not going into compliance of statutory requirements, insurance of building, probity in accounts maintenance, transparency in water procurement, not keeping ‘ADDA’ as a secret source to monitor and control people, answer openly the corruption charges… will this not amount to what we often call us ‘Attention Diversion from core issues?’

Key issues raised by another senior member

CBFOA AGM 30/07/2017- Observations on Accounts & Clarifications required

Observations and Clarifications Required on CBFOA AGM on 30/07/2017 For FY 16-17

  1. Register of Members: Please confirm whether you maintain a Register of Members as required under Sec 14(1) of the TNSRA, 1975 with names, address and occupation of members and if so, please advise who is the member owning the area in the I floor popularly known as shop area and area popularly known as Laundry Area in basement. Make available list of members with contact details to every other member. It is obligatory.
  2. Deposit collected for Water Connection (CMSWB): INR 2,28,83,386/-. The money has been received from Ceebros and payable to the members. Ceebros has collected this money at the time of sale and paid this money to CBFOA as collecting money from individual members will be a challenge at the time of connection. Interest received from bank on this fund is approximately 18 Lakhs P.A with a total of 72 Lakhs for the past 4 years. This amount along with the capital is actually a liability of CBFOA. The interest has to be credited to the liability a/c of CBFOA and not the Interest earned A/c. Anyone going through construction agreement will find that, builders had given an undertaking to arrange water supply and drainage when becomes available. Now it is available in every old and new project in nearby areas. What you have done to get this done? Why continue to buy lorry water and send drainage water through lorries?
  3. Fixed Deposits: 6,60,69,561/-. Has the MC physically verified the FD receipts? If this has been done, furnish a statement to this effect in the A/c’s or MC report to the members.
  4. Maintenance Charges received have come down from 1,65,19,460 to 1,64,89,940. When charges and chargeable area have remained the same, how can this happen? Provide area statement. At Rs.3.50 per sft, what is the total area for which maintenance collected? According to estimation given in post, it is to be Rs.1.82 Crores per annum.


Rs.7.60 crores swindled out of Rs.15.10 Crores over a period of 5 years!

Based on Rs.3.50 per sft per month the society collecting since inception, for the total of 4.34 Lakh Sft, Rs. 1.82 Crores per annum is being collected. If there is delay in payment, you are charging 2% per month as interest. So the total collection can be , more, not less. As I practically see, living in the society since 2012, at any given time, this society had employed about 14 security guards, 14 house keeping personnel, 4 maintenance related personnel, 1 accounting person, 1 manager. It is estimated, they all together cost the society about Rs.15000 x 33 = Rs.4.95 Lakh per month. Excess amount collected in water charges, alone is enough to make good this expenses.

Approximate maintenance collected by the society at Rs.3.50 per sft is as follows:-

Block-1 total 10 floors (2 to 11 floors) x 26 flats, 1 floor (1st floor) x 20 flats total 280 flats.

Block-2 total 6 floors x 12 = 72 flats.

Square feet area and maintenance collection assessment (Block-II):

Block-2 – 24 cornet flats of 750 sft = 24 x 750 = 18,000 sft

Block-2 – 48 middle flats of 700 sft = 48 x 700 = 33,600 sft

Total Block-II area 51,600 @ Rs.3.50 per month

Amount collected every month from block – II is Rs.1,80,600/-.

Square feet area and maintenance collection assessment (Block-I):

Block-1 – 40 cornet flats of 1500 sft = 40 x 1500 = 60000 sft

Block-1 – 40 three side open flats 1625 sft = 40 x 1625 = 65000 sft

Block-1 – 200 middle flats of 1300 sft = 200 x 1300 = 2,60,000 sft

Block-1 convenience store – 2000 sft x 1 = 2000 sft.

Total Block-I area 3,82,000 @ Rs.3.50 per month

Amount collected every month from block – I is Rs.13,37,000/-.

Total Maintenance collected per month is … Rs.15,17,600/-.

Total Maintenance collected per year is … Rs.1.82 Crores.

For 5 years since 2013, till 2017, total collection is Rs.9.10 Crores.

Ceebros handed over corpus fund, as per my knowledge was Rs.3 Crores

Total expected funds without interest collection is Rs.12.10 Crores.

I hope the society has wisely invested in long term deposits with best interest rates (8% p.a?) the entire funds. The expected interest accumulation is;

For 3 crores for 5 years at 8% p.a. = Rs.1.20 Crores

For 9 crores subsequent collections, averaged for 2.5 years at 8% p.a. = Rs.1.80 crores

Total interest collection from bank out of deposits is Rs.3 Crores.

Total expected funds with bank interest accumulation is Rs.15.10 Crores.


Funds appearing as per latest balance sheet is Rs.7.50 crores.

Please understand, capital expenditure like rebuilding collapsed compound wall was forcefully collected from residents. Unexpected expenses like December 2015 floods, 3 days Generator running was forcefully collected from residents.


So, except routine expenses, such as payment of salary to house keeping, security, maintenance, account staff, even if liberally estimated at 15k per head (actual house keep salary is 6.3k, security salary is 9k, as I verified with them), per month expenses is Rs.4.95 Lakh only. This is met with excess of water charges collected and paid, Rs.5 Lakh per month. Presently miscellaneous income in conducting events is not considered.


I was forced to resign from committee because, in 2014 itself, I found, residents are charged, for cooking gas at commercial rates, but vendor was being paid at domestic rates. I also found, income out of sale of car entry boomers, door access cards were not accounted. When I offered to assist in accounts, I was assigned a task, ‘to analyse viability of opening hair cutting saloon in our society’.


I am not accusing all office bearers or all committee members, present or past. I suspect, few individuals had carefully manipulated and created system intentionally to benefit themselves in the past and they are directing from behind screen so that attention is diverted towards bookspace, green initiative, garbage segregation, etc. Innocent ladies and kids are exploited in a make believe arrangement. 85% of residents, being tenants, are, in the direct verbal utterances of ex-president ‘not have right to speak’.


As per government record as appear in internet, only 7 people are shown as members of this society. No confirmation as to whether, accounts are submitted to registrar of society regularly. A society of 352 residents contributing Rs.1.82 crores per annum is much larger than an average village in India. In 2014 itself, when I was in committee, the person organising garbage segregation, took Rs.2 Lakh advance towards expenses (like printing posters).


Presently the society secretary is a senior chartered accountant. Last year, coming to know of his purchase of my adjoining flat, I made a welcome phone talk. I made oral observation about pathetic management of society. Suddenly he had become Secretary with cheque signing powers. And, despite sharing a common wall, being a next door, he avoids me. Its OK. I hope this able senior chartered accountant, having become secretary of this society is able to answer my charges of corruption that I value presently at Rs.7.60 crores swindled out of Rs.15.10 Crores over a period of 5 years.


As I am excluded in posting rights, in apartmentadda, I have necessity to post this information at which some residents claim, as ‘washing dirty linens in public’. It was not my intention. But what is the alternative? If a reasonable response not found, I will be forced to approach economic offences wing of city police and registrar of society for legal action. Thank you!

Dirty Linen in Public..

Thanks for admitting ‘dirty linen’. When dirty linen starts stinking too much, it can no more be buried under the carpet. Take it out and wash…  Once 50 members who are present residents enrolled, we will have this site as ‘member only’. Unlike in systematically manipulated ‘apartmentadda’, we will not delete or restrict the users. We will answer everyone including bitter critics.

Opening of Greenspace – Clarification needed!

Akila Ganesh 1008, Bharathi Hariharan 517, Rani Edward 119, Sangeetha Sridhar 425, Ragini Raj 1026 – You have lent your name and sent a handout to me. It ends with ‘if clarification needed, feel free to contact’ and your names list.

We need clarifications on behalf of several residents:

  1. In 2014 when corruption charges were leveled by a committee member, this Green Initiative was introduced as an attention divert by then President, who, at that time took, Rs.2 Lakh, association money to create and propagate this green initiative. Can you 5 ladies let us know, how that money was spent? and After that, how much money, spent so far in this initiative?
  2. Men using condoms, Ladies using Sanitary Napkins are best disposed without seen by kids and others. This is called decency. Our old Ramayanam says, washerwomen suspected fidelity of Goddess Sita and it resulted in Lord Ram sending her away (according to you there is no place ‘away’) to forest when pregnant. Don’t you read from our own history? Why read from ‘Annie Leonard’ a foreigner as if Indians are fools?
  3. So, you are showing us a space. Don’t you think, it is time for you to work together, support the initiative of our Hon’ble Prime Minister, take real big initiative, to get rid of corruption in our society? Why don’t you answer here, in public forum or at or at and why don’t you raise voice in apartmentadda that suppresses and delete dissent and decent contents?
  4. Instead of wasting your time, on propelled and fancied thoughts, why don’t you all contribute properly in maintenance of proper accounts and probity of common funds.
  5. You find time to do all these things, but no time to set right the broken compound wall even after 1 full year, and what is the sin and fault of owners allotted car park there, there not allowed to park ?