Public Area, Private Area, Private Public Area

In apartments, we are all confused at Public Area, Private Area, Private Public Area (PP Area). Often it leads to misunderstanding.

Private area is inside the walls of your apartment including rights over the inside of walls. Public or Common Area is the area in which you are allowed to walk, sit, entertain, leisure, etc., without causing inconvenience to others. Includes Swimming Pool, Park, Park Benches, Garden Area, Walkway. Private Public Area is , area marked for your Car Park, Access to your entrance, If you donot have adjoining wall with neighbour, about 1 feet distance from your wall. Even though outside your walls are common area, it will not and should not give a right to someone stand close to the window and watch inside starring… Garden should be designed in such a way, about one feet distance is kept between outer wall of respective flat and the garden starts…

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