Opening of Greenspace – Clarification needed!

Akila Ganesh 1008, Bharathi Hariharan 517, Rani Edward 119, Sangeetha Sridhar 425, Ragini Raj 1026 – You have lent your name and sent a handout to me. It ends with ‘if clarification needed, feel free to contact’ and your names list.

We need clarifications on behalf of several residents:

  1. In 2014 when corruption charges were leveled by a committee member, this Green Initiative was introduced as an attention divert by then President, who, at that time took, Rs.2 Lakh, association money to create and propagate this green initiative. Can you 5 ladies let us know, how that money was spent? and After that, how much money, spent so far in this initiative?
  2. Men using condoms, Ladies using Sanitary Napkins are best disposed without seen by kids and others. This is called decency. Our old Ramayanam says, washerwomen suspected fidelity of Goddess Sita and it resulted in Lord Ram sending her away (according to you there is no place ‘away’) to forest when pregnant. Don’t you read from our own history? Why read from ‘Annie Leonard’ a foreigner as if Indians are fools?
  3. So, you are showing us a space. Don’t you think, it is time for you to work together, support the initiative of our Hon’ble Prime Minister, take real big initiative, to get rid of corruption in our society? Why don’t you answer here, in public forum or at or at and why don’t you raise voice in apartmentadda that suppresses and delete dissent and decent contents?
  4. Instead of wasting your time, on propelled and fancied thoughts, why don’t you all contribute properly in maintenance of proper accounts and probity of common funds.
  5. You find time to do all these things, but no time to set right the broken compound wall even after 1 full year, and what is the sin and fault of owners allotted car park there, there not allowed to park ?

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