Elephant in the Room

‘Elephant in the Room’ – For people, not used to this idiom – There is an elephant in the room. Full size and real. Occupying he entire room. Very little space for others to move around. However, everyone in that room is behaving as if, there is no elephant. They adjust within available space. They move around with great difficulty. When they come out of the room, they tell others, ‘there is no elephant! All normal’.

Same way. Corruption is omnipresent in many gated community owners association. But everyone behave as if, there is no corruption. Everything is normal. Now, to hide the elephant, they have placed a huge curtain covering the door and windows. These curtains are decorated with wordings, ‘Green Initiative, Big Initiative, Save the planet from land fill, Garbage Segregation, or you will be punished, Show the condoms of male and sanitary napkins of female to a common person before disposing…’ – … Disgusting nonsense… !

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