Fire License and Solar Power

02 February 2018





M/s Ceebros Boulevard Flat Owners Association

Basement, Ceebros Boulevard, OMR, Chennai-97.

Respected Sirs,

Please refer to my letter dt. 11-01-2018 for which no reply or acknowledgement is given to me. Please be informed that, left with no alternative, I have lodged a police complaint vide ref no.: BAN1807701 on 26-01-2018.

Meanwhile I have received an intimation from you about an EGM to be conducted on 11-02-2018 to discuss about Fire License and Solar Power Project. The following are my observations and comments and I expect them be read out and brought to the notice of participants.

  1. A circular or notice or intimation sent on behalf of association should have the name and designation of officer bearer. It is missing, making it, an anonymous communication.
  2. Along with intimation, you obtain signature in blank separate sheets with no information at top or bottom. Such list of signatures can be misused for any purpose including as if everyone had consented for any dubious acts.
  3. Obtaining fire license being mandatory, whatever decision taken in that regard, I support.
  4. Solar power project. I object to any form of expenses for this project unless corrective measures are taken in account maintenance, association management, legal compliance that are detailed in my letter dt.11-01-2018 for which no reply or acknowledgement given.
  5. In the EGM conducted on 11-01-2016, to answer corruption charges levelled by me, I was heckled, threatened, and not allowed to take minutes by people who refused to identify themselves. Entire proceedings were video recorded, and a copy of recording was not given to me, though I offered to pay the cost. I was afraid and did not use common facilities for a long time. Presently I am not well and walking with walker frame support. I have reason to fear that I may be attacked that may result in grievous injury. Hence, I will not attend this meeting.
  6. Though I will not be attending the meeting, I have made my views known, in writing, by this letter. I expect it to be included in the minutes without fail and copy sent to me.

But for the reservations and comments made above, I assure everybody of my sincere cooperation and friendly helps wherever and whenever required.

Yours truly,

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