Sinful Food

AGM timing was cleverly planned at 9 am on Sunday so that most of the intending visitors may arrive late and silenced with a quip that they arrived late. Before that careful planning went to exclude 85% of residents in the tag of ‘tenants’ without keeping in mind that it is their (tenants) money that the select few enjoy.

Apartment-ADDA is root cause of all corruption and should be banned in the country. Had it been in strict European Union, the developer would have been sent to Jail by now. In this software, they can show one receipt to you and same receipt to another resident and payment you make will not reflect directly the association name and hence you can not even prove that you made the payment.

Collecting huge maintenance charges month after month, we are suppose to have a carpus fund of nearly Rs.18 Crore by now. Remember all major expenses including compound wall and cyclone and flood related expenses are directly collected from residents in a forced manner. Now even house keeping is minimal as we are forced to visit and drop the garbage ourselves. Handful of security guards at the entrance. Water and Gas charged more that actual cost and where the profit goes no one knows. To fool the residents this poor association is saving money by not taking monthly readings of gas and water. Thank God, EB readings are taken by Government. Else, they will take reading once in a year and may charge you as they please..

A lunch was being served at the end of AGM to privileged few. The most sinful food, partaken in corruption… If you consumed it, regret … no other go…

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