Paying Dues ? – Do Not Use Apartment Adda Gateway !!

If you pay your dues using Apartment Adda Portal, in your credit card or bank statement, ‘Ceebros Boulevard…’ will not appear. It may appear ‘PayU’ or ‘IBibo’ which are common payment gateway providers for several others and you can never prove to this association, that you paid the dues. Last 3 days we are regularly visiting the basement office to pay our dues, we are not able to pay. The accountant is not available. Or, credit card machine not working, Or, Gone for lunch, …. some lame excuses.

Hello, is this official website?

Hello all, is this official website of ceebros boulevard in OMR? We want buy property in this apartment. To begin with, we can come as tenant. Any response appreciated… Thank you all , elite residents of this best gated community in OMR

Gym not accessible to us ?

Hi, we are 3 friends staying in Ceebros. Legitimately paying rent. Our access card is not opening the Door to Gym. Any restrictions for us? Whom to contact. Curiously, there seem no secretary or office bearer name displayed anywhere in the apartment.