Can the security and housekeeping be used to distribute our thoughts?

Some people claiming to save the planet had made use of security and housekeeping staff to distribute some leaflets in the guise of green initiative. Can the people who believe in garbage segregation in old style, (less expense, more convenient, decent, support activity for house keeping and segregating staff) be allowed to distribute their side views?

Fooling the People 3 years straight ! – Garbage Segregation Initiative

When serious corruption charges were leveled before 3 years, To divert attention, this nonsense of green initiative was invented. Jobless ladies and innocent kids are brain washed as if they are saving the planet. Contribute your thoughts, if at all anyone daring, at ceebros.blogspot.inĀ 

Paying Dues ? – Do Not Use Apartment Adda Gateway !!

If you pay your dues using Apartment Adda Portal, in your credit card or bank statement, ‘Ceebros Boulevard…’ will not appear. It may appear ‘PayU’ or ‘IBibo’ which are common payment gateway providers for several others and you can never prove to this association, that you paid the dues. Last 3 days we are regularly visiting the basement office to pay our dues, we are not able to pay. The accountant is not available. Or, credit card machine not working, Or, Gone for lunch, …. some lame excuses.